Hi, my name is Ladina.

My dad always asked me: “Ladina, what drives you?”

Travelling the world always kept me alive. I am driven by my curiosity of where the journey will take me and I feel in my full power when I step into the airport.

With pursuing a Bachelor degree in Tourism I followed my passion. As a young woman nothing could hold me back from performing and focusing on career success. Until one day I finally burned out. I wanted to pack up, leave everything behind and go. And that’s exactly what I did to finally face my dad's question: "What drives you Ladina?".

"Travel far enough to meet yourself,"  they told me.

Escaping the ‘normal’ inspired me and left me dreaming again. As a digital nomad, I kept all of my belongings in one suitcase, looking for a place I could call home within myself.

I was always driven to share my experiences with people. So I put together what I love: traveling, movement & self-discovery. I created the perfect retreat!

This was the start of KEOLA.

Born and raised in Switzerland, I am currently residing on the Spanish balearic island, Mallorca. I am the founder of “KEOLA” which in Hawaiian means “to be alive.” This is my journey...

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Our passion is to travel and our mission is to break through stress and tension by reminding ourselves what it's like to feel free, inspired & connected to the beauty of life.

KEOLA was originally founded as a tour operator for transformative travel experience.

KEOLA's virtual membership is a life-changing experience that offers a strong shift in physical and mental wellbeing, while building lasting friendships from around the world.

Through Mindfulness, Movement and Inspiration you can reconnect with your true self.

Beyond traveling, we expand on the experience of freedom through our Online Community. The membership program brings our key elements of Mindfulness, Movement & Inspiration into your living room.

Even if it's only for a few minutes every single day, we want you to feel connected to your pure love for life.

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Active Discovery Thailand in 2018


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“No worries, I’m ok.” This used to be my standard answer when people asked me how I was doing.
High-performance in the creative industries used to be my daily dose of adrenalin. I was in a field where exposing your work to constant evaluation and critical feedback was normal.

I was always wearing a smile as part of my make up, but it was a cover up for my inner struggle. Time pressure and the need to over-perform was constantly present. The line between feeling excited and the fear of failure was thin. As a side-effect, the truly painful things in my life wouldn't hurt anymore and I didn't take my pleasure seriously.
Yes, we can sometimes do that to ourselves. We want to stay in control of how much emotion we feel. Noticing is key. Speaking or writing about it is the process. Expecting a solution will open the door for you. This is exactly the reason I am here: as a professional Life Coach I will guide you through the process of realizing what makes you truly feel alive... 

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 Valérie joined one of our retreat experiences in Mallorca in 2019.