You must embrace your sense of freedom right now, or decide if these time are going to take over control.


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I've been exactly where you are right now. I always knew there must be a different way to truly feel free and alive. But I spent a decade chasing perfection by focusing on success which lead to high tension and over-performing. 

Happy to see you, my name is Ladina, I am the founder of KEOLA and your soul sister on this journey!

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What we do is, called "Self-development"

There are many effective tools that can release us from what is limiting us in our daily life. I can see that you are one of the brave ones, because actually breaking free can scare people away. 🦸 YOU followed your curiosity here AND don’t worry we won’t let you jump into the deep end alone... 

"I’ve been personally able to travel the world ✈️🌴🏄🏼‍♀️ and get to know other cultures and people while following my inner drive to make my childhood dreams come true and inspire others by doing what I love. I went from being the wild girl, always under tension and controlling myself to having full peace and focus to live a free life filled with pure love." - Ladina, My Story 💗

Self-development is a powerful process.

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The participants in this session gave us permission to publish this video. Our highest priority is creating a private and safe space where participants are able to be vulnerable. We create our Masterclasses asy interactive as possible with the goal for you to learn, grow and inspire the others at the same time.

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Learn the lessesons of life.  No worries, I’m fine.”  used to be my standard answer when people asked me how I was doing. I was wearing a smile as part of my make up, but it was hiding my inner world.

Yes, do that to ourselves! We stay in control of how much emotion we feel. Noticing is key. Speaking or writing about it is the process. Expecting a solution will open the door for you. AND this is exactly the reason I am here: to guide you through the process of realizing what makes you truly feel alive... My name is Sylvia, I am a professional Life Coach and I will be there when you need me. 🙏🏻

All I could dream of was traveling... 🐬

BUT to truly fight these damaging feelings of “being stuck” you need to find the limiting beliefs in your head that are holding you back and find out what actually drives you.

When I started my journey, EVERYTHING CHANGED!

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It is extremely frustrating when you realize that your hard work does not lead to your inner satisfaction.

This causes STRESS which leads to DISBALANCE, self-sabotage and burnout syndrome. The line between feeling excited and the fear of failure is thin. As a side-effect, the truly painful things in life wouldn't hurt anymore. WE ARE STUMP and don't take pleasure seriously.

Dissatisfaction and hidden emotions can lead you into real physical pain.

All you can do is start today to create your healthy world from within... 🐬

Yes, this is how I feel - I want to start now!

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