Embrace Your Inner Leader

How well do you know yourself? Self-awareness brings confidence, allowing you to find your voice and speak your truth. Have you thought about what is currently keeping you quiet? 

Meeting your inner leader will require you to jump into cold water and let go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. But in order to find your voice, you first have to uncover your values and discover what is making you feel off balance. The first step forward is developing a strong mindset

Let me ask you: If you are being completely honest, where do you want to go next? What is currently holding you back?

I know life moves fast BUT do you ever ask yourself these questions in your daily life? The biggest mistake you can make is to put yourself last. Trust me, it will lead you into dissatisfaction in the long term.

To make our lives easier we have developed a simple mental exercise to shift our mindset to uncovering what we really want in life. You will feel balance, clarity...

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Ladina, Founder of KEOLA

My name is Ladina Meier and I am the founder of Keola. I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland and currently reside in Mallorca, Spain. As a grown woman I wanted to excel in life. I spent a decade chasing a perfect life by focusing on career success. My dad always asked me: “What drives you, Ladina?”. Ignoring this question wasn't that hard until one day I finally breaked free and I decided to face it.  - This is my story:

I studied tourism and always dreamed of traveling. In fact, I packed my bags and wanted to travel from my parent’s house to my grandmother's at the age of 3.

As a grown woman I wanted to perform in life. My dreams became bigger.. I started running with the hopes of going faster and further. I had an extraordinary job and I managed to reach all of my goals at a fast pace.

It can be extremely frustrating when you realize that your daily life feels like a cage. You feel like the pressure from the outside world is taking over and everyone else is...

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