3 Steps To Creating The Perfect Keola Moment

The KEOLA moment is the practice of allowing the powerful life force energy to move through you and make you feel alive.

It’s time to cultivate a conscious life where you never have to shy away from who you are. There is nothing more powerful than a woman who shows up as her authentic self every single day.

These are our 3 secret ingredients to creating the perfect Keola moment:

1. Mindfulness

You’re busy. During the day our minds are engaged in so many different thoughts and directions. Every day we make decisions that affect our career, relationships with loved ones, personal health, hobbies, self-development and so much more!

Our mind is spinning with stories of the past and future, but at what point do we find stillness in just existing in this present moment?

Mindfulness is the key to a calm and balanced state.

At Keola we use meditation & journaling for grounding and personal self-development. It has been proven that meditation reduces stress and burnout,...

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Why Success Is a By-Product of Self-Love

You can’t change your life without loving yourself first – Brené Brown

As people, we all want to be happy and loved. We crave success in its various forms, but our journeys start to encounter obstacles when we rely on our external circumstances in order to achieve this state. We start to work more hours, enrol in more courses and seek other solutions that will bring us on this path of success and happiness. The truth is, the answers lie within us and with our self-love and appreciation of ourselves.

How much money do you spend on products and services that you feel will help you succeed in life? How much time do you spend thinking about how to become more successful, climbing up the career ladder, only to realize that once the day ends, you are left unsatisfied.

Life is about balance. When you are pushing yourself to be better and reach your next big goal, are you also taking a moment to slow down and enjoy the present moment? In order to be the most...

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Nynke: Her Personal Journey


Life journeys are all unique to the individual, but the questions of ‘why’ we took a certain path can keep us up in the middle of the night. It’s in the moments of self-reflection that we can begin to uncover the answers that are hidden within each of us.

It’s about asking ourselves the right questions that will bring clarity to our everyday life. What makes you feel alive? What does success mean for you? What are you moving away from?

Nynke has been part of the Keola Journey for over 1 year now and we caught up with her to discuss her personal journey and where it has taken her.

At this moment in time Nynke’s journey has brought her to a forked road, where she is both working as a journalist and will simultaneously launch a blog about adventures and sports for women, following her passions in life. This is a time in her life where she hopes to carve her own path.

To Nynke, being alive means freedom. Having the possibility to make our own choices, to...

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Katie - 10 Questions for about her Experience with Keola

“If you always do what you did, you get what you always got.”

Katie has been a part of our journey since the beginning of May 2020. She works in international trade relations for the Swiss Government and loves to keep her plate full of activities. Despite this, she had the growing feeling that there was something missing in her

In the past four months, she went through such amazing and transformational progress already! In the following interview, she talks us through her experience with the journey and shares her ‘magic’ moment. We learn more about her passion in life and even how she found focus through routine and awareness.

What made you want to start the journey?

Probably realising that my life is not fully the way I want it to be. For me, work and exercise is especially important. These two sections are my priorities when it comes to how I am spending my time. But then, looking twenty years down the line... this is not what matters, is...

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