How Self Reflection Is The Key To Self-Awareness and A Better Quality Of Life

When was the last time you took a quiet moment for yourself? A moment of stillness and introspection? As complex human beings, we like to keep busy and pack our schedules with long to-do's. But how often have you found yourself repeating old patterns whether it was in work, relationships, friendships or family life. It is thanks to self-reflection that we are able to look at our thoughts, emotions, feeling and actions from a neutral standpoint and improve our quality of life in the present moment. 

The truth is that reflection doesn’t always come easy. Self-reflection is a skill that needs love and attention in order to reach a state where you are able to become fully aware of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. However, the rewards of this skill are unparalleled, leading you into a life of self-compassion and in tune with your intuition and inner power.

Remember, self-reflection is not about taking a critical turn or letting your inner critic take...

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Finding Our β€˜Alive’ Moments

“I feel alive when I connect with the present moment. In the early morning hours, sitting in a café and drinking a coffee, noticing the passerby’s and the sound of my breath. I feel alive when I reach the top of a mountain and scream into the unknown.” – Ladina, Keola Founder

Being alive means, by definition, we are living, breathing and moving. We rely on our senses every single day of our lives but living isn’t the same as feeling alive. We may breathe the same air and stare at the same sky day in and day out, but those moments where we experience exhilarating freedom are all different. It is when we experience a moment physically, emotionally and soulfully that we can begin to connect to what it is that makes us feel personally alive.

The truth is, finding what ignites our passions and makes us excited to get up in the morning will require introspection and self-reflection. We won’t find it by staying in our comfort zones, and we...

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