How You Lose Your Authenticity

What does it mean to be authentic? What does it mean when someone says to just 'be you?' Authenticity comes with expressing your whole self genuinely, as opposed to showing only one side of who you are. But, who is your true self and what can you do to channel that person? 

We are all born with a love for self-expression. Over time we start to learn what is 'expected' of us. We are taught to listen to what society at large is telling us and we begin to slowly suppress our authentic selves. We seek to fit in and be accepted, and even begin to overthink as opposed to feel and fall in tune with our bodies and what is best for us. 

When we are left alone in a room with no one but your thoughts, who are you? What makes you, YOU? Everyone has unique qualities and traits that are unlike anyone else. Can you imagine a life where you flow with the current, listen to your needs and are lit up with joy every single day? At our core we all dream of living a happy and fulfilled...

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