Have You Ever Heard of Ikigai?

It is a Japanese word that translates to "reason for being." The concept refers to finding meaning in what you do, so that your life becomes balanced, light and joyful. Viewed as a secret to a long and happy life, Ikigai can be a transformative experience when we follow our curiosities and place our passions first. Many of us, however, have not found Ikigai yet. This is why we want to give you our top 3 recommendations that can help you gain new perspectives on your life. 

  1. How to stop screwing yourself over (Talk)

Motivation coach Mel Robbins helps people get what they want, whether it is related to jobs, our daily habits or the bedroom.During her TED talk, she teaches us the 5 second rule to reaching any of our goals. This is 18 minutes well invested ;).

>> Watch here

  1. A woman on the journey of her life (Book)

Truly inspirational: a woman in her thirties leaves everything behind in order to find herself. The travel story was turned into an award-winning movie...

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