3 Steps To Creating The Perfect Keola Moment

The KEOLA moment is the practice of allowing the powerful life force energy to move through you and make you feel alive.

It’s time to cultivate a conscious life where you never have to shy away from who you are. There is nothing more powerful than a woman who shows up as her authentic self every single day.

These are our 3 secret ingredients to creating the perfect Keola moment:

1. Mindfulness

You’re busy. During the day our minds are engaged in so many different thoughts and directions. Every day we make decisions that affect our career, relationships with loved ones, personal health, hobbies, self-development and so much more!

Our mind is spinning with stories of the past and future, but at what point do we find stillness in just existing in this present moment?

Mindfulness is the key to a calm and balanced state.

At Keola we use meditation & journaling for grounding and personal self-development. It has been proven that meditation reduces stress and burnout,...

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How Self Reflection Is The Key To Self-Awareness and A Better Quality Of Life

When was the last time you took a quiet moment for yourself? A moment of stillness and introspection? As complex human beings, we like to keep busy and pack our schedules with long to-do's. But how often have you found yourself repeating old patterns whether it was in work, relationships, friendships or family life. It is thanks to self-reflection that we are able to look at our thoughts, emotions, feeling and actions from a neutral standpoint and improve our quality of life in the present moment. 

The truth is that reflection doesn’t always come easy. Self-reflection is a skill that needs love and attention in order to reach a state where you are able to become fully aware of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. However, the rewards of this skill are unparalleled, leading you into a life of self-compassion and in tune with your intuition and inner power.

Remember, self-reflection is not about taking a critical turn or letting your inner critic take...

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How To Overcome Feelings Of Loneliness

Loneliness leaves us feeling empty and unwanted. It makes us feel like we have no one to rely on, and there is no hope for us. The future becomes bleak, and the present is overshadowed by a dark cloud that feels like it's swallowing you up.

Yet the paradox of this feeling is that it's a shared by many people around the world. There are times when we can feel content being completely alone and other days where we feel lonely in large crowds of people. Given everything happening in the world right now, there has been a spike in loneliness. Many are spending most of their days inside the home, alone, due to lockdown and curfews. When the world outside starts to feel grey and the one inside feels chaotic, there are a number of different approaches you can take to soften the impact loneliness has on your mental and physical wellbeing. Remember, you are the creator of your life and the power lies in your hands. 

Pay attention to your thoughts

It’s important to realize that...

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Why Success Is a By-Product of Self-Love

You can’t change your life without loving yourself first – Brené Brown

As people, we all want to be happy and loved. We crave success in its various forms, but our journeys start to encounter obstacles when we rely on our external circumstances in order to achieve this state. We start to work more hours, enrol in more courses and seek other solutions that will bring us on this path of success and happiness. The truth is, the answers lie within us and with our self-love and appreciation of ourselves.

How much money do you spend on products and services that you feel will help you succeed in life? How much time do you spend thinking about how to become more successful, climbing up the career ladder, only to realize that once the day ends, you are left unsatisfied.

Life is about balance. When you are pushing yourself to be better and reach your next big goal, are you also taking a moment to slow down and enjoy the present moment? In order to be the most...

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How You Lose Your Authenticity

What does it mean to be authentic? What does it mean when someone says to just 'be you?' Authenticity comes with expressing your whole self genuinely, as opposed to showing only one side of who you are. But, who is your true self and what can you do to channel that person? 

We are all born with a love for self-expression. Over time we start to learn what is 'expected' of us. We are taught to listen to what society at large is telling us and we begin to slowly suppress our authentic selves. We seek to fit in and be accepted, and even begin to overthink as opposed to feel and fall in tune with our bodies and what is best for us. 

When we are left alone in a room with no one but your thoughts, who are you? What makes you, YOU? Everyone has unique qualities and traits that are unlike anyone else. Can you imagine a life where you flow with the current, listen to your needs and are lit up with joy every single day? At our core we all dream of living a happy and fulfilled...

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Nynke: Her Personal Journey


Life journeys are all unique to the individual, but the questions of ‘why’ we took a certain path can keep us up in the middle of the night. It’s in the moments of self-reflection that we can begin to uncover the answers that are hidden within each of us.

It’s about asking ourselves the right questions that will bring clarity to our everyday life. What makes you feel alive? What does success mean for you? What are you moving away from?

Nynke has been part of the Keola Journey for over 1 year now and we caught up with her to discuss her personal journey and where it has taken her.

At this moment in time Nynke’s journey has brought her to a forked road, where she is both working as a journalist and will simultaneously launch a blog about adventures and sports for women, following her passions in life. This is a time in her life where she hopes to carve her own path.

To Nynke, being alive means freedom. Having the possibility to make our own choices, to...

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Finding Our β€˜Alive’ Moments

“I feel alive when I connect with the present moment. In the early morning hours, sitting in a café and drinking a coffee, noticing the passerby’s and the sound of my breath. I feel alive when I reach the top of a mountain and scream into the unknown.” – Ladina, Keola Founder

Being alive means, by definition, we are living, breathing and moving. We rely on our senses every single day of our lives but living isn’t the same as feeling alive. We may breathe the same air and stare at the same sky day in and day out, but those moments where we experience exhilarating freedom are all different. It is when we experience a moment physically, emotionally and soulfully that we can begin to connect to what it is that makes us feel personally alive.

The truth is, finding what ignites our passions and makes us excited to get up in the morning will require introspection and self-reflection. We won’t find it by staying in our comfort zones, and we...

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Embrace Your Inner Leader

How well do you know yourself? Self-awareness brings confidence, allowing you to find your voice and speak your truth. Have you thought about what is currently keeping you quiet? 

Meeting your inner leader will require you to jump into cold water and let go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. But in order to find your voice, you first have to uncover your values and discover what is making you feel off balance. The first step forward is developing a strong mindset

Let me ask you: If you are being completely honest, where do you want to go next? What is currently holding you back?

I know life moves fast BUT do you ever ask yourself these questions in your daily life? The biggest mistake you can make is to put yourself last. Trust me, it will lead you into dissatisfaction in the long term.

To make our lives easier we have developed a simple mental exercise to shift our mindset to uncovering what we really want in life. You will feel balance, clarity...

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Ladina, Founder of KEOLA

My name is Ladina Meier and I am the founder of Keola. I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland and currently reside in Mallorca, Spain. As a grown woman I wanted to excel in life. I spent a decade chasing a perfect life by focusing on career success. My dad always asked me: “What drives you, Ladina?”. Ignoring this question wasn't that hard until one day I finally breaked free and I decided to face it.  - This is my story:

I studied tourism and always dreamed of traveling. In fact, I packed my bags and wanted to travel from my parent’s house to my grandmother's at the age of 3.

As a grown woman I wanted to perform in life. My dreams became bigger.. I started running with the hopes of going faster and further. I had an extraordinary job and I managed to reach all of my goals at a fast pace.

It can be extremely frustrating when you realize that your daily life feels like a cage. You feel like the pressure from the outside world is taking over and everyone else is...

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Have You Ever Heard of Ikigai?

It is a Japanese word that translates to "reason for being." The concept refers to finding meaning in what you do, so that your life becomes balanced, light and joyful. Viewed as a secret to a long and happy life, Ikigai can be a transformative experience when we follow our curiosities and place our passions first. Many of us, however, have not found Ikigai yet. This is why we want to give you our top 3 recommendations that can help you gain new perspectives on your life. 

  1. How to stop screwing yourself over (Talk)

Motivation coach Mel Robbins helps people get what they want, whether it is related to jobs, our daily habits or the bedroom.During her TED talk, she teaches us the 5 second rule to reaching any of our goals. This is 18 minutes well invested ;).

>> Watch here

  1. A woman on the journey of her life (Book)

Truly inspirational: a woman in her thirties leaves everything behind in order to find herself. The travel story was turned into an award-winning movie...

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