Why Success Is a By-Product of Self-Love

You can’t change your life without loving yourself first – Brené Brown

As people, we all want to be happy and loved. We crave success in its various forms, but our journeys start to encounter obstacles when we rely on our external circumstances in order to achieve this state. We start to work more hours, enrol in more courses and seek other solutions that will bring us on this path of success and happiness. The truth is, the answers lie within us and with our self-love and appreciation of ourselves.

How much money do you spend on products and services that you feel will help you succeed in life? How much time do you spend thinking about how to become more successful, climbing up the career ladder, only to realize that once the day ends, you are left unsatisfied.

Life is about balance. When you are pushing yourself to be better and reach your next big goal, are you also taking a moment to slow down and enjoy the present moment? In order to be the most self-actualized person you can be, loving yourself must be prioritized before you accomplish your professional or personal goals.

Excelling in life will be far more soul fulfilling and beautiful when you do so from a place of self-acceptance and self-love. Do you accept who you are?

Success and self-love work together, allowing you to bloom into the best version of yourself. In order to reach a state of self-love, you must have the self-confidence and trust in yourself. Think about it, when you are confident in yourself and the actions that you take, success will find you. It’s not something that you need to chase or work until you drop in order to feel.

It's time to start valuing yourself and make note of everything that makes you shine. Your self-worth and the way you look at yourself is the fuel that can bring you higher and into alignment with who you are meant to be and what you are meant to be doing. Take note of the way you are talking to yourself, who you are surrounding yourself with and start to notice the glimmers in everyday life. Beauty and positivity exist around you, we just have to open ourselves up for it.

How often do you spend time taking care of yourself? Treating yourself with kindness, and engaging in activities that simply bring a giant smile on your face? When we stay true to ourselves and appreciate and accept who we are, the decisions we make will also start to change. We are operating out of a different mindset where we also start to acknowledge that no dream is too big and we are worthy and lovable just as we are. This is where we start to enter into our power.

Self-love is a choice that you make. Will you choose it, starting today? Take a deep breath, give yourself a big hug, and make a list of activities that you enjoy doing that make you smile and lift your spirits. Then, spend even a few hours of your day engaging with these activities, and start to notice the shifts that will happen in your life. The magic is about to unfold before your very eyes. 

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