Finding Our ‘Alive’ Moments

“I feel alive when I connect with the present moment. In the early morning hours, sitting in a café and drinking a coffee, noticing the passerby’s and the sound of my breath. I feel alive when I reach the top of a mountain and scream into the unknown.” – Ladina, Keola Founder

Being alive means, by definition, we are living, breathing and moving. We rely on our senses every single day of our lives but living isn’t the same as feeling alive. We may breathe the same air and stare at the same sky day in and day out, but those moments where we experience exhilarating freedom are all different. It is when we experience a moment physically, emotionally and soulfully that we can begin to connect to what it is that makes us feel personally alive.

The truth is, finding what ignites our passions and makes us excited to get up in the morning will require introspection and self-reflection. We won’t find it by staying in our comfort zones, and we won’t find it on the path that others have laid out for us. 

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are for the experience of being alive.” – Joseph Campbell

We have to carve our own journeys and realize what it is that we want. What fulfills your soul? What is your Ikigai? The answers to these questions will help us find the reasons for why it is that we do what we do. It will help us answer our personal ‘why’ in life. And our ‘why’ will lead us to those moments that ignite our souls on fire, that makes us feel alive.

The question is, how will you get involved to find your alive moments? What steps will you take? How would you finish this sentence: I feel alive when x. When something emotionally captivates you, make note of it. Slow down and observe.

Keola means ‘to be alive’ in Hawaiian and our community is filled with wild-hearted women from around the world that seek more than success: that seek to reconnect with their passions and the feeling of being alive. You can learn more about our journey by testing to see if you are ready for the journey and our free 1:1 call.



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