3 Steps To Creating The Perfect Keola Moment

The KEOLA moment is the practice of allowing the powerful life force energy to move through you and make you feel alive.

It’s time to cultivate a conscious life where you never have to shy away from who you are. There is nothing more powerful than a woman who shows up as her authentic self every single day.

These are our 3 secret ingredients to creating the perfect Keola moment:

1. Mindfulness

You’re busy. During the day our minds are engaged in so many different thoughts and directions. Every day we make decisions that affect our career, relationships with loved ones, personal health, hobbies, self-development and so much more!

Our mind is spinning with stories of the past and future, but at what point do we find stillness in just existing in this present moment?

Mindfulness is the key to a calm and balanced state.

At Keola we use meditation & journaling for grounding and personal self-development. It has been proven that meditation reduces stress and burnout, while allowing your mind, body and spirit to enjoy the peace of the present moment.

Through journaling, and especially with a community of like-minded women, you are able to raise your level of self-awareness about what is happening in your life right now.

We understand the drive for success and performance, but meditation & journaling actually enhances your ability to concentrate and learn.

It’s time to find the calm and inner peace in your daily life. What better time to start than right now? >> I want to practice mindfulness

2. Movement

Did you know that emotions are stored in the body? The anger, anxiety, fear, and yes, STRESS can all have tremendous consequences on your body and mind.

With conscious movement and breathwork you can begin to release those tensions and let your energy run wild and free.

We want you to move your body and feel more connected to our body, which is our home. The more you move, the more aware you will become of yourself and the sensations that are present in your body. Get stronger! Sweat it out! Practice breathing! Dance! Twirl in your living room!

Stepping away from your desk can do wonders for you, which is also why we included movement as part of our weekly mindfulness package at Keola. >> I want to try this

3. Inspiration

We want you to keep exploring so that your eyes remain open and your curiosity stays at an all-time high.

Inspiration brings with it a thrill that awakens us to the new possibilities around us. We begin to transcend ordinary experiences and allow ourselves to daydream about anything and everything.

At Keola we find our inspiration through our community, and connecting with incredibly inspiring like-minded women that are all on a journey of self-development and growth.

Imagine the burst of energy and awareness that comes from being in a (virtual) space with women that understand you and are going through the same things as you. That is power. >> I need more inspiration in my life

Connecting to your power

These 3 key elements will reduce stress, bring self-awareness and increase your energy to be full of life.

Click here to learn even more about our program and join us on this journey of conscious living. We offer a free trial of 7 days without any conditions. Feel free to sneak in today!


Remember, the more you start to implement these factors in your life, the closer you will be to living that life of freedom and authenticity that you've always dreamed of. 

Keola comes from the Hawaiian word for ‘life’ and it represents a person that is in tune with their personal power, clarity, peace, love and joy.


The Keola woman is someone that vibrates high energy frequency and we want YOU to step into your truest self! Keola is a safe space to say goodbye to stress, burnout and feeling scared.

>> That's me! I want to raise my energy

We want you to embrace your power and stand in it every single day. To feel that energy swirling around you as you feel grounded, peaceful and safe. And most importantly, in your body.

We are here to hold space for that powerful energy to circulate every cell of your being. To own it and allow yourself to be seen and witnessed within a community of women from around the world.




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