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One session a day, only 20-minutes to practice with us. Melt tension away, discover yourself and raise productivity. 

Support & Advice

Gain understanding in our library. Find all the content you need for each category of your life: Body & Health, Job & Performance, Love & Relationships, and Hobbies & Self-Development.

Balance Tracker

Struggling with accountability? Use our self-reflection tool to maintain a balanced life. Chat with the community to unpack what’s going on, act with confidence, and feel BETTER.


Embrace the feminine energy within you with mindfulness practices and a community of free-spirited women.

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"I felt like I needed to escape and leave everything behind to be free!" - Ladina, Founder of KEOLA

At KEOLA it is our strong mission to connect you to your body, mind & energy so you can be your authentic self. 

We make me-time easy to fit into your busy day. Together we set boundaries to help you ignite the feelings of being free, inspired and alive!

It has been proven that the number of women who are physically suffering from stress and pressure is 50% higher than men of the same age. Young women nowadays notice much earlier that society, especially in business, is built around a male-dominated system.

Whether short or long term, we cannot  freely unfold in this system as the creative women we are.

This platform is the collective work of women who have freed themselves from the ordinary structures and are on a self-discovery journey of learning how to experience life to the fullest.

With the collected techniques and mindful work, the imbalances
 in your daily life will be uncovered in order to raise inner calmness and self-confidence.

The program is designed to help  the modern woman reconnect with her female energy and make every moment a perfect one.

  1. Start to make time and space for at least 20-minutes every day to invest only in yourself. In our daily practice, you learn to control your mind and thoughts and  listen to your body.
  2. Use the cognitive exercises to identify your stress triggers. Get to know your goals, habits & beliefs. Fill in the self-reflection map every week to track your balance.
  3. Study our online library to go deeper and find extra content as often as you need to maintain your balanced and mindful lifestyle.

KEOLA will teach you how to understand your mind, feelings and emotions to lessen stress and unleash your inner beauty!

The platform works on a membership basis. You start off by signing up for one month and the first 7 days are free of charge.

After the free trial period the MONTHLY FEE is € 69 incl. taxes.

  • Cancelation is possible any time
  • Payment via Creditcard
  • Risk-free satisfaction guarantee

You will get full access to the platform with a daily mindfulness session and a self-study library. And trust us, there is so much more you will discover!


"It is my passion to raise people's awareness and joy for living rather than just existing. It is a life changing experiences that will expand your wellbeing, create stronger bonds, improve relationships and brings you freedom in everyday life!"

Founder of KEOLA




Just imagine yourself standing underneath a waterfall, or in any other moment where you felt free and alive! How does it feel? 

If deep inside you know that you don't want to settle for anything but this feeling of aliveness, than KEOLA is for you!

  • You are an open-minded & curious woman.
  • You value your health & natural beauty.
  • You like traveling,  exploring good food and inspiring places.
  • You keep looking for solutions to optimize your life.
  • You want to be part of an international community.

Are you in the middle of your daily hustle with a busy head?

Have you already decided to go where you feel light and inspired? KEOLA is the space for you.

Every new adventure is a step into the exciting unknown. Here you are safe ❣

  1. Mindful practice every day including meditation, journaling, breath, movement & self-Reflection
    - Duration: 20 Minutes/1 session
    - On-demand replay via platform or app.
    - Sessions guided by one of our KEOLA guides
  2. Self-Study Library Access
    a platform full of inspiring content and self-coaching tools for your mindful lifestyle

We charge € 69 per month including taxes, without additional fees.

Full platform access includes:

  •  One practice ever day (costs per session are less then € 3)
  • Self-study library with extended content for your mindful lifestyle


  • Start for free! 
  • Cancel within the first 7 days and there is no charge.
  • Bring a friend and get an extra bonus.

Upgrade Option:
For our High-Performers, we created the 3-month membership for € 200, including exclusive inner-circle meet-ups.

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